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In today's world, IT innovation is undoubtedly the most active and fastest growing area, and will have a more profound impact on human life and social progress. As a new star in the field, the Electronic Information School, based on more than 70 years’ historical heritage and multidisciplinary advantages, has insisted on content-oriented development and make the best use of comprehensive advantages, and has achieved high-speed development and growth since it was established more than 20 years ago. We have made a lot of academic achievement that has great influence in the world and forms a remarkable college culture.
We are committed to cultivating outstanding talents who will lead scientific & technological and economic & social development in the future. Our students are encouraged to master new knowledge in the field to exercise their critical thinking and creative ability. Students’ capabilities of research, design, and experiment are able to be developed based on rich resources of research and experiment, which can further nurture their leadership and spirit of teamwork. With the heavy heritage of Wuhan University, the students can enjoy absorbing multidisciplinary essence, and reshape their scientific spirit and human consciousness. In the past more than 70 years, our graduates have made great contribution in areas such as science and technology, business and management. Today, we are more open-minded, and warmly welcome the young people who are talented, full of passion and have lofty ideals to join the college family.
When spreading civilization, we also undertake the responsibilities of exploring the mysteries of nature, discovering the new knowledge, creating new technologies to deal with common issues of human being, serving the human life and promoting national economic and social development in the face of national major demands and scientific and technological frontiers.In the support of all sectors of society and residents, we will uphold the spirit of motto of "Virtue, Knowledge and Practice,” devoting to the construction of an internationally influential research-oriented college!

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